Learning Management

LMS is a online web based application where we can manage student and conduct the exam in particular center wise. This is right based application which is basically design for caching classes, here caching center can create there branch and manage the student branch wise, same as they can able to take online exam branch wise.

Category: Learning Management

Technology: Codeigniter

Design: Bootstrap,css,ajax

Login: Admin,Student,Center

Features lists:-
1. 1. We have 3 kind of login in system
a. Student login
b. Center login
c. Admin login
2. Admin:-
a. Add/edit/delete category,subcatrgory and subject
b. Create center
c. Add/edit/delete branch
d. Add/edit/delete student
e. Create exam
f. Set up question
g. Create notice
h. Reporting
3. Center:-
a. Add/edit/delete student.
b. Setup exam
c. Add questions
d. Create notice
e. Get notice via admin
4. Student:-
a. Can give practice test
b. Check the history of practice test
c. Can give main test
d. Check history of main test as well.
e. Check notice.